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4. Easily agitated, irritable or angry

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Livid Community » Builder Contest Results

<<…It is worth noting Emanuele Ponzio’s (aka APE) awesome BYOB SKULL entry. Ape’s entry does win for best name however! It was a close call between these two…>>

Livid Community » Builder Contest Results.

You can download and see my “BYOB SKULL ENCLOSURE” project for Livid Builder Contest 2010.

Visual Music: EraSer + vj Ape5 – audiovisual and experimantal project

Visual Music: A snap shot of sites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, events that work with the medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered

Visual Music: EraSer + vj Ape5 – audiovisual and experimantal project.

Native Instruments Kore, Komplete, Reaktor @ Create Digital Music » Quartz Composer on Mac, Visualizing Massive and Reaktor Sounds

Review by Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music)

“…The wonderful electronic artist and audiovisualist ape5 has been posting some early experiments doing just that. Think of these as “Hello, World” work rather than finished projects – but I always enjoy watching that very process, and this looks promising…”

Native Instruments Kore, Komplete, Reaktor @ Create Digital Music » Quartz Composer on Mac, Visualizing Massive and Reaktor Sounds.

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Kinect + quartz composer
Vuo + Midi + ableton live composition test
Quartz Composer test : Audio wave generator 1
Quartz Composer test : Audio wave generator 2

RSSTwitter: apefive

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