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Date City Venue Country
27/06/10 ape5 in Bari Cosa Vedi? Italy
Time: 7:30pm. Address: Sheraton Hotel. Related post.
23/06/10 ape5 in Bari ORLANDO IN SOGNO O DELLA PAZZIA Italy
Time: 11:30pm. Address: Palazzo Ateneo. Related post.
17/09/09 - 26/09/09 ape5 in Milan Quando l’occhio trema – Il flicker tra cinema, video e digitale Italy
Time: 5:30pm. Address: Careof DOCVA – Fabbrica del vapore. Related post.

EraSer + ape5  

Date City Venue Country
Project: Future Sounds Like Past Toys
21/05/10 EraSer + ape5 in Bari H25 Italy
Time: 11:30pm. I.A.T. EVENT Related post.
03/04/10 EraSer + ape5 in Molfetta EremoClub Italy
Time: 11:30pm. OPENING – DAEDELUS Related post.
09/01/10 EraSer + ape5 in Bari H25 Italy
Time: 11:30pm. Related post.
27/12/09 EraSer + ape5 in Noci (BA) INCONTEMPORANEA 2009 Italy
Time: 9:30pm. Address: Chiostro S. Domenico. Related post.
20/12/09 EraSer + ape5 in Monopoli (BA) Assalto al Castello Italy
Time: 10:00pm. Address: Castello Carlo V. Related post.
13/11/09 EraSer + ape5 in Cagliari Signal Festival Italy
Time: 9:00pm. Address: Centro Culturale Via Neghelli. Related post.
11/11/09 EraSer + ape5 in Bari Suono e Immagine – Festival Crossmediale Italy
Time: 10:00pm. Related post.
24/10/09 EraSer + ape5 in Marghera (VE) C.S.O. RIVOLTA / AltaVoZ Italy
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: free. Address: via Fratelli Bandiera, 45. Related post.
17/10/09 EraSer + ape5 in Molfetta (BA) Digressione contemplAttiva Italy
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: € 5,00. Address: Auditorium Madonna della Rosa. Related post.
26/09/09 EraSer + ape5 in Limerick Tweak Festival Ireland
Time: 9:30pm. Related post.
19/09/09 EraSer + ape5 in Bologna roBOT Festival Italy
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Palazzo Re Renzo. Related post.

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