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Arduinome 256 finished!


This story begins on December 2010. I wanted to find someone who could build an enclosure for the Arduinome project by Starfire (using the Starfire logic board + Starfire button board + Livid button pads). So I contacted Peter , Travis & C. from Livid Instruments (Who better than them?) asking them to produce a custom enclosure specifically for that boards, and I started a group buy list on monome community forum.

After 5 months of planning, emailing and posting on forums, Livid Instruments began shipping its awesome wood encolsures (64, 128 and 256 buttons). Were sold more than 90 pieces!

Finally i finished my Arduinome 256!, thanks to Monome Community and Livid Instrument (an explosive mixture! ;)

diy building with builder By Livid Instrument Blog

Livid Block + Vidvox VDMX test

This is my last test with Livid Block + VDMX without any Kineme and/or Quartz Composer “workaround”.

I changed the midi mapping of Block using Block Editor (CTRL instead of notes), because midi output plugin on VDMX send only midi CTRL message.

Livid Community » Builder Contest Results

<<…It is worth noting Emanuele Ponzio’s (aka APE) awesome BYOB SKULL entry. Ape’s entry does win for best name however! It was a close call between these two…>>

Livid Community » Builder Contest Results.

You can download and see my “BYOB SKULL ENCLOSURE” project for Livid Builder Contest 2010.